Local Economic Intelligence Platform

What is Local Economic Intelligence Platform

LEIP is a project conceived by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs as a part of the India Smart Cities Fellowship programme. The platform aggregates and analyses data at the local level to provide economic intelligence to the administrators, researchers and investors. LEIP uses an in-house developed Local Economic Development framework to understand where the local economy stands and places the city on a four-pillar axes. This is based on an index score calculated from 100 indicators of the framework. The platform will have a Rapid Economic Assessment of the economy based on the four pillars. It will identify the comparative and competitive advantage of the local economy through location quotient and shift share analysis. Based on this analysis the platform will provide economic intelligence to the urban authorities, that is, identify the gaps in the ecosystem of the economy and give direction for intervention. The platform will also do cluster mapping and cluster analysis by identifying the forward and backward linkages of different sectors of the economy and thereby provide insights about sectors with growth potential.

How is LEIP useful

  • Aggregated local economic data platform
  • Data-led policymaking and scheme design
  • Assistance with local economic planning
  • Eliminates regional biases
  • Informed decision making
  • Interactive visualizations

Components Of LEIP

  • 01 Rapid Economic Assessment (REA)

    Analysis of the economic ecosystem of the city along the four pillars of the economy: human capital, investment, infrastructure and policy variables. REA will show where the local economy stands in terms of the stronger and weaker pillars of the urban economy.

  • Using data for establishments and transactions, this section visualizes the spatial distribution of the economic activities. Further, sectoral analysis will be done to identify the forward backward linkages in the economy.

  • Sectoral analysis and identification of sectors that have comparative and competitive advantage in the city economy. This section provides information on which sectors are viable for growth and why in the urban economy.

  • Economic Intelligence provides information on the economic ecosystem gaps and a direction for intervention for selected sectors, exclusively for city authorities.


Our Impact

LEIP will enable different levels of administrators to make informed decisions for the schemes and policy design and its future. This platform will also give investors information on the viable sectors in the economy and its forward and backward linkages with the help of cluster analysis. LEIP will give a holistic picture of the urban economy ecosystem. It will provide a multitude of insights on the urban economy that will include the current position of the urban area, sectoral analysis, existing gaps in the economy and direction for intervention.

About India Smart Cities Fellowship Program

India Smart Cities Fellowship Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to engage young minds to find solutions to pressing problems in Indian cities.


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